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Support Saturday – TVK Photo Presets

October 26, 2019

If you haven’t noticed, I don’t use filters on my photos and that’s intentional. Mostly because when I post about makeup, I want to you see the true representation of color cosmetics as well as their true performance – if I say it didn’t work well for me, I want the picture to as closely depict that as possible. However, another reason is because I get overwhelmed by the vast number of photo editing options. Thankfully, my friend @thatsverykeri is incredibly good at that and created her very own presets for @adobe Lightroom called TVK Presets!

TVK Presets:

πŸ”˜ Photo 1: InstaSave (my personal favorite for this photo!)

πŸ”˜ Photo 2: No Hashtags Needed

πŸ”˜ Photo 3: No Regret

πŸ”˜ Photo 4: The Double Tap

πŸ”˜ Photo 5: The VSCO Set

πŸ”˜ Photo 6: DM Slider

πŸ”˜ Photo 7: Experimenting Creativity

πŸ”˜ Photo 8: Grunge Set

πŸ”˜ Photo 9: InstaGood

πŸ”˜ Photo 10: Original

If you are interested in purchasing (only $10!!!) her amazing presets, send me or her a DM!

Which preset is your favorite?

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