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Minnesota Made Monday – MN Brands for Good Social Media Takeover

September 9, 2019


Today, I had the honor of taking over @mnbrandsforgood’s Instagram (my first time ever doing something like that!) while they were prepping for and then going live on @wcco for their segment on the Morning Show with @heatherwcco and @derushaj!

More about the company:

“It started with us, two moms with 15 years of fundraising experience, friendship and a love for all things local. We also shared the same discontent for the same ol’ fundraisers our kids were bringing home. Guilt-ridden over asking friends and family to buy wrapping paper, unhealthy frozen pizzas and processed cookie dough again and again, there had to be a better way. Our “ah-ha” moment came when we found ourselves needing a fundraising solution and reaching for local Minnesota brands and their amazing products – MN Brands For Good was founded. Our hope is that this new marketplace with purpose will bring awareness to Minnesota brands while doing good within the Minnesota community. We sincerely hope you enjoy shopping this collection of amazing products from MN Brands for Good!”

Brands they’re partnering with for this fundraising season:

πŸ”˜ @barehoneymn

πŸ”˜ @citygirlcoffee

πŸ”˜ @coconutwhisk

πŸ”˜ @eagle.and.ivy

πŸ”˜ @essenceonelife

πŸ”˜ @excelsior_candle

πŸ”˜ @hippop_popcorn

πŸ”˜ @kindlips

πŸ”˜ @lollidale

πŸ”˜ @mademoisellemiel

πŸ”˜ @mickmanbrothers

πŸ”˜ @mikeandjens

πŸ”˜ @triple_crown_bbq_sauce

πŸ”˜ Winter Goddess Foods

If you, a friend, or family member have a need to fundraise (PTO/PTA’s, booster groups, sports teams, clubs, churches and non-profits), DM me and I can answer any questions you may have! Also, you can check out my Stories from earlier today to learn more!

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