What’s on My Nails Wednesday – @ilnpbrand Summer Lovin’

If you saw my Story last week, you will know that, immediately after applying @ilnpbrand’s Summer Lovin’ ($12.50 + 3.73 shipping on @amazon – copy and paste this link to shop: https://shopstyle.it/l/404U), I determined it was the most beautiful nail polish color I had ever worn! What it claims: 🔘 Beaming from holographic splendor, Summer Lovin’ features a radiating pink sparkle that shifts through hues of yellow and green depending on the angle of your fingertips 🔘 Specially formulated with depth in mind, these buildable holographic shimmers will illuminate your fingertips with each succeeding stroke 🔘 Maximum coverage in two … Continue reading What’s on My Nails Wednesday – @ilnpbrand Summer Lovin’

Mani Monday – @ilnpbrand in Masquerade (H)

Last week, I got an email from @ilnpbrand about their new nail polish collection. I, of course, drooled over several of the new shades and even ordered a couple! So, when deciding what nail polish to wear for this week’s Mani Monday, it was an easy choice! I realized I have posted a swatch of this in the past, but it was long ago and is so pretty that it deserves an encore! Details: 🔘 Shade: Masquerade (H) 🔘 Described on their website as “one of the strongest color shifting polishes in the Ultra Chrome line and it is gorgeous! … Continue reading Mani Monday – @ilnpbrand in Masquerade (H)

Thursday Thoughts – @kissproducts Gel Fantasy Ready-to-Wear Gel Nails in Fresh Air

When I first posted about my experience with @kissproducts Gel Fantasy Ready-to-Wear Gel Nails in the color Fresh Air ($7.99 at @walgreens), I stated that I used the glue instead of the adhesive tabs because I figured the lasting power would be better that way. Thankfully, @snowjbythepool chimed in and said I was mistaken and that the adhesive tabs are indeed better and that the next time I used them, I should apply them with that method instead. So, here we are! What it claims: 🔘 Ready-to-wear gel delivers layers of ultra-shine 🔘 Ultra smooth finish 🔘 Two (2) ways … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts – @kissproducts Gel Fantasy Ready-to-Wear Gel Nails in Fresh Air

Toes Tuesday – @opi Pedicure

Nothing makes me feel more like traveling is in my future than a gel polish pedicure! For local events, I tend to stick with a traditional polish pedicure, but when I’m out of the state or country, I don’t want to have to worry one bit about chips on my finger or toenails and that’s why I opt for gel! This time around, I went with @opi Lost My Bikini in Molokini. Nail details: 🔘 From the @opi Spring 2015 Hawaii Collection 🔘 Medium purple 🔘 Creme finish Shoe details: 🔘 @dolcevita Derby Sandal 🔘 Go to the link in … Continue reading Toes Tuesday – @opi Pedicure

Mani Monday – @opi’s Big Apple Red

While I naturally run early, I arrive even earlier at the nail salon. Why? Because I am very indecisive when it comes to nail polish colors. However, this time, I knew I wanted red and this red was the exact tone I had envisioned! Details: 🔘 @opi GelColor in Big Apple Red 🔘 Shine-intense OPI GelColor nail shades cure in 30 seconds under a LED light and last for weeks 🔘 You’ll be on Easy Street with this creamy red 🔘 Made in the USA If you love red polish, what is your go-to brand and specific shade? Continue reading Mani Monday – @opi’s Big Apple Red

Wear Test Wednesday – @orlynails Bonder Rubberized Basecoat

Ever since I decided doing my nails at home was the economical path I should take more often, I have been on the hunt for the perfect base and top coats to make my time and effort last as long as possible. As you may have seen in my last @ultabeauty haul, I picked up the @orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat ($10 at @ultabeauty) to see if it was the answer to my prayers! What it claims: 🔘 Grips nail lacquer to the nail surface for lasting adhesion 🔘 Unique formula delivers a cutting edge resin technology to improve lacquer adhesion … Continue reading Wear Test Wednesday – @orlynails Bonder Rubberized Basecoat

Mani Monday – @opi Dancing Keeps Me on My Toes

I don’t normally wear neutral (yes, I consider this a neutral) nail polish on my fingernails unless I am doing so because of a work function. This time, there was no work function – I just was so drawn to @opi’s Dancing Keeps Me on My Toes ($10.50 on the @opi website)! What it claims: 🔘 OPI and Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Collection offers offers 12 limited edition nail polish colors and three perfectly coordinating glitter shades for every holiday event and wish list 🔘 Soft, shimmering snowflake perfect for any Snow Queen 🔘 Wear this beautiful … Continue reading Mani Monday – @opi Dancing Keeps Me on My Toes