Save the Planet Saturday – @thredup Consignment and Thrift Store

In my efforts to go more green, I have been putting a much stronger emphasis on reusing rather than throwing out or even recycling. One of the ways I have been able to achieve that is by using @thredup! As “The Largest Online Consignment & Thrift Store,” I use it to not only get cash for the things I no longer want in my closet, but also to save a ton of money on brand name, excellent condition clothes, shoes and accessories! How it works for consignment: 🔘 Go to 🔘 Click on “Order a free kit” 🔘 Follow … Continue reading Save the Planet Saturday – @thredup Consignment and Thrift Store

Terrific Tuesday – @amazon Prime Day Recommendations and Wish List

Apparently, in my rush to get my sale post up yesterday, I missed a ton of great things on sale for @amazon’s Prime Day! Since I want to make sure you know when things I’ve recommended go on sale, I thought I would do one more sale post to round out this hectic few days of deals! Sign up for a free trial of @amazon Prime: See my full list of recommended items here (not all are on sale): Prime Day recommendations (items I have tried already and love): 🔘 Reusable straw – 🔘 Mascara – reading Terrific Tuesday – @amazon Prime Day Recommendations and Wish List

Thursday Thoughts – @123_MyPhoto Collaboration

***Use code KATIEMP20 to save 20% on your entire @myphoto order!*** Thank you so very much to @myphoto for providing me a gift card to shop your website for a photo gift that really spoke to me! With their generous offer, I picked up four (4) things: 🔘 Three (3) Acrylic 2 x 2 MiniBlox ($12 each) The BEST gift on the block! Acrylic MiniBlox™ are perfect to collect and display all your favorite photo memories. Stack them, collect them, gift them. Place them everywhere! Any photo will print perfectly. We bet you can’t order just one! 🔘 One (1) … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts – @123_MyPhoto Collaboration

Thursday Thoughts – @tumitravel Voyageur Carson Leather Backpack

I have been on the hunt for the perfect backpack for a long time. It needed to be large enough to act as a sufficient carry-on while traveling, but also be small enough to comfortably carry around all day long once I got to my destination. I wanted it to be classic looking, long-lasting and provide organizational options for days. I searched for several weeks before landing on the @tumitravel Voyageur Carson Leather Backpack – which I purchased from @ebagsonline (using @ebatesshopping, of course!). Details: 🔘 Made from elegant leather and features a dual compartment design that includes a double … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts – @tumitravel Voyageur Carson Leather Backpack

Thursday Thoughts – @solostove Yukon Fire Pit

One of the first things I imagined @silsetham and I doing at our new house was sitting in the backyard, beverages in hand, bonfire crackling. So, when he came upon @solostove Yukon Fire Pit, he thought it was a perfect plan for the time being, up until we were able to build the built-in fire pit of our dreams. What it claims: 🔘 At over two feet wide, the SOLO STOVE YUKON is an absolute beast 🔘 Just toss in those big pieces of firewood and ignite the night 🔘 More flame, more fun, way less smoke: your YUKON is … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts – @solostove Yukon Fire Pit

Super Sunday – @gophersports Goldy’s Run and @ncaa @finalfour Festivities

It has been a busy, yet fun-filled couple of days! 🔘 @gophersports Goldy’s Run 🔘 @bwwings Wing Sampling at @ncaa @finalfour Fan Fest 🔘 @att @gameofthrones Experience at @ncaa @finalfour Fan Fest 🔘 @silsetham showing that his wingspan is just a tiny bit smaller than @shaq’s at @ncaa @finalfour 🔘 The delicious Parmesan Crusted Grilled Cheese from @willymccoysbloomington 🔘 My nieces at the @wheatiescereal photo op at the @mallofamerica 🔘 3-on-3 tournament at @mallofamerica I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too! Continue reading Super Sunday – @gophersports Goldy’s Run and @ncaa @finalfour Festivities

What’s in the Gift Basket Wednesday – @mnbrandsforgood

When my niece came home with another fundraiser packet, I won’t lie, I was excited! Why? I love fundraisers. Always have. I’m guessing that’s my competitive nature rearing it’s ugly head. However, my excitement quickly elevated when I saw that it wasn’t the traditional wrapping paper, chocolate bar, cookie dough-laden catalog. Who did I have to thank for coming up with this incredible idea?! @mnbrandsforgood! They’re a locally-owned (Minnesota) company that helps student groups maximize their fundraising efforts with the best-selling Minnesota made products. They partner with schools, sports teams, art and activity clubs and other student groups to raise … Continue reading What’s in the Gift Basket Wednesday – @mnbrandsforgood