Skincare Saturday – @yeouth Retinol 2.5% Serum

I was recently asked by someone if I had ever tried a Retinol. At that time I hadn’t, but only just a few days later, I was sent an amazing box of skincare goodies from @yeouthskincare and included inside was exactly that – their Retinol 2.5% Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera ($19.95 for 1 ounce at @yeouthskincare – Also included was their Balancing Facial Toner ($15.95 for 3.4 ounces at @yeouthskincare – which works well on its own, but even better in partnership with the Retinol Serum. What the Retinol claims: 🔘 Allows increased … Continue reading Skincare Saturday – @yeouth Retinol 2.5% Serum

Thursday Thoughts – @radsoap Bar Soap Club Subscription Box

First of all, happy Independence Day to everyone that celebrates! Second of all, thank you to @radsoapco for sending me one of their bar soap club subscription boxes! Inside of the box I received was their Toke Hemp & Hippie Sandalwood scent – which I absolutely loved! I could even smell it through the package when it was first delivered! My verdict? I don’t normally use bar soap because it tends to dry out my skin. This still did that, but less so than others. Alex has also used it several times, but has had no issues with a drying … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts – @radsoap Bar Soap Club Subscription Box

Try Out Tuesday – @pennyandpine Skincare

Anytime I get sent free product for review, I feel so incredibly grateful! Even better, however, is when a brand lets me choose which of their products I want to try before sending them my way. That is exactly what @penny_and_pine did and here are my first impressions on the items I selected! Click here to shop all of their products: ✨ Peppermint Exfoliating Cleanser ($22 for 4 ounces at What it claims: 🔘 Sloughs off dead skin cells 🔘 Removes dirt, excess oil, and makeup 🔘 Calms and soothes irritation 🔘 Delivers an energizing scent My experience: … Continue reading Try Out Tuesday – @pennyandpine Skincare

Super Sunday – Haircut with Kyley at @mn_naf_salon

Truth be told, I don’t get my hair cut often enough – which is exactly how it got to the length it was. And, while I love long hair, I also know that frequent trims, at the very least, is one of the secrets to keeping it healthy. So, when @mnnafsalon reached out to me, offering up a haircut with, I instantly said yes! What she did was gave a slight, blunt trim to the ends and added long bangs. With the bangs, I said I wanted to start long, but maybe go shorter once I had lived with … Continue reading Super Sunday – Haircut with Kyley at @mn_naf_salon

Skincare Saturday – @ernolaszlo Bye-Bye Blemishes Set

Thank you so very much to @ernolaszlonyc for so generously sending me their Bye-Bye Blemishes Set ($200 on their website)! What’s included: 🔘 Pore Refining Detox Double Cleanse 🔘 Pore Cleansing Clay Mask 🔘 Light Controlling Lotion 🔘 Phelityl Night Cream Although I don’t have blemishes, I still think this is a great set for me because it’s all about pore cleansing and refining and who doesn’t want that?! If you’d be interested in a review of these products, would you rather have me post about the products individually or as a set? Continue reading Skincare Saturday – @ernolaszlo Bye-Bye Blemishes Set

Moisturizer Monday – @pixibeauty pHenomenal Gel

In my most recent, as generous as ever, PR package from @pixibeauty, I received, among other things, their pHenomenal Gel ($24 for 1.7 ounces on their website). And, since the weather is finally on the verge of getting warmer here in Minnesota, I normally switch to more gel-based moisturizers anyway because my skin gets more oily, so I was looking forward to testing it out as soon as I laid my eyes on it! What it claims: 🔘 Soothing gel helps to balance and stabilize skin pH 🔘 Use a coin size amount daily after cleansing and toning or as … Continue reading Moisturizer Monday – @pixibeauty pHenomenal Gel

Shine Spray Sunday – @randcohair Trophy Shine + Texture Spray

To say I was excited when @randco contacted me about trying out and posting about some of their products would be a massive understatement! It is a brand I have been wanting to try for a very long time, so was honored when they thought I would be a good representative of their brand! I received two (2) products and today, I am reviewing their Trophy Shine + Texture Spray ($32 for 6 ounces on the @randco website). What it claims: 🔘 A styling spray that adds the right amount of texture, volume and shine to any hair type 🔘 … Continue reading Shine Spray Sunday – @randcohair Trophy Shine + Texture Spray