Support Saturday – @delightsoffare’s Favorite Sour Beers

It’s time for another edition of Support Saturday! Today, I am testing out a couple of @delightsoffare’s favorite sour beers! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my hands on all of her suggestions (apparently limited releases and sell outs are a real thing!), but she said these were among the best she’s tried. Let’s see if they become holy grails for me, too! What I’m trying: 🔘 @pryesbrewing Royal Raspberry Sour – So incredibly delicious! It’s slightly less tart (something I really enjoy about sours) than some others I’ve tried, but the flavor is still so good and it’s so … Continue reading Support Saturday – @delightsoffare’s Favorite Sour Beers

Super Sunday – @cheesecurdfest

Yesterday, my friends and I made the trek to Ellsworth, WI for the @cheesecurdfestival and to say we had fun and that it was worth the drive would be an understatement! Photos: 🔘 Front entrance of the @cheesecurdfestival 🔘 Hand-Dipped Deep Fried Cheese Curds – easily some of the best cheese curds I’ve ever had! 🔘 @cheesecurdfestival swag with @newglarusbrewing Spotted Cow, of course! 🔘 Richie’s Cheese Curd Tacos – possibly the tastiest item I tried! 🔘 Hog Wild BBQ Pork Basket – such a unique combination of foods that tasted divine! 🔘 @holy.donuts.wi Mix & Match Mini Donut Bucket … Continue reading Super Sunday – @cheesecurdfest

Food Friday – Prague and Vienna

One of the most common questions I got about our travels to Prague, Czech Republic and Vienna, Austria was regarding the food options. As you’ll see from these photos, the variety is extensive! Traditional Czech, Italian, American, Asian…the list goes on! Almost any food type you could want, you would find in one or both of those countries! Which looks the most appetizing to you? Continue reading Food Friday – Prague and Vienna

Must Visit Monday – Arizona

From Wednesday through Sunday, we took a whirlwind work/birthday trip to Arizona that included Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona, Flagstaff and several spots in between! What we saw: 🔘 Montezuma Castle National Monument 🔘 Montezuma Well National Monument 🔘 Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument 🔘 Tuzigoot National Monument 🔘 Walnut Canyon National Monument 🔘 Wupatki National Monument 🔘 Avengers: Endgame 🔘 Round 1 of the NFL Draft What we learned: 🔘 @sizzlerusa has an excellent salad bar 🔘 @fat_olives has amazing pizza 🔘 We are too old to watch three (3) hour movie that starts at 11pm 🔘 The Passport To Your … Continue reading Must Visit Monday – Arizona

Thursday Thoughts – @wallflourfoods and @dbriansdeli

I don’t often take photos of food, so I went a little crazy this morning with our catered office breakfast because bacon is just so photogenic! 🔘 @wallflourfoods catered the delicious waffles you see in several of the photos. They’re mission is “…a Minnesota Benefit Corporation committed to making amazing waffles and empowering female entrepreneurs.” How can you not love that?! They’re women-owned themselves and make the most amazing Belgian liège waffles! 🔘 @dbriansdeli catered the bacon, eggs, English muffins (not pictured) and hashbrows – which were all incredibly delicious as well! They’re locally owned and operated and believe that … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts – @wallflourfoods and @dbriansdeli

What Did I Think Wednesday: @mnbrandsforgood Gift Basket

Now that I have had a chance to test all of the products @mnbrandsforgood so generously gifted me, I wanted to give my final thoughts! 🔘 @triple_crown_bbq_sauce: I received Black Garlic and purchased, through my niece’s fundraiser, the Classic flavor. I haven’t received that order yet, but I tried Black Garlic on breaded chicken and fries last night and really enjoyed it! 🔘 @mademoisellemiel: This Honey Hot Cocoa Bomb was so much fun to consume! I heated up milk, dropped this in and enjoyed my hot chocolate! 🔘 @barehoneymn: This originally came as a set of four (4), but I … Continue reading What Did I Think Wednesday: @mnbrandsforgood Gift Basket

Super Sunday – @gophersports Goldy’s Run and @ncaa @finalfour Festivities

It has been a busy, yet fun-filled couple of days! 🔘 @gophersports Goldy’s Run 🔘 @bwwings Wing Sampling at @ncaa @finalfour Fan Fest 🔘 @att @gameofthrones Experience at @ncaa @finalfour Fan Fest 🔘 @silsetham showing that his wingspan is just a tiny bit smaller than @shaq’s at @ncaa @finalfour 🔘 The delicious Parmesan Crusted Grilled Cheese from @willymccoysbloomington 🔘 My nieces at the @wheatiescereal photo op at the @mallofamerica 🔘 3-on-3 tournament at @mallofamerica I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too! Continue reading Super Sunday – @gophersports Goldy’s Run and @ncaa @finalfour Festivities