Support Saturday – @delightsoffare’s Favorite Sour Beers

It’s time for another edition of Support Saturday! Today, I am testing out a couple of @delightsoffare’s favorite sour beers! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my hands on all of her suggestions (apparently limited releases and sell outs are a real thing!), but she said these were among the best she’s tried. Let’s see if they become holy grails for me, too!

What I’m trying:

🔘 @pryesbrewing Royal Raspberry Sour – So incredibly delicious! It’s slightly less tart (something I really enjoy about sours) than some others I’ve tried, but the flavor is still so good and it’s so refreshing on this 90 degree day where I spent over four (4) hours outside doing yard work!

🔘 @fairstatecoop Roselle – I was so happy to see this on her list because I had actually tried it previously (which made me feel like a beer connoisseur) and absolutely loved it, too! Definitely one of my go-to sours.

Ones she mentioned that I wasn’t able to find:

🔘 @junkyardbrewing Super Slurp Series

🔘 @drekkerbrewing Brain Squeeze Series

🔘 @earthriderbeer Raspbecrush

If you love beer just as much as I do and want to learn more about beer offerings (particularly in Minnesota), give @delightsoffare a follow! Plus, she’s a really great person!

What is your go-to summer beverage (alcoholic or non)?


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