Skincare Saturday – @yeouth Clear Skin Essentials Set

I was recently contacted by @yeouthskincare, inviting me to be a Yeouth Influencer! Since I had previously tried some of their products (also sent to me in PR) and thoroughly enjoyed a few of them, I quickly accepted their offer! Here is what I received in my most recent PR package.

🔘 Vitamin C Facial Cleanser: Full of antioxidants and other nutrients that work together to get rid of impurities so you’re sure that your skin is well taken care of inside and out. ($18.95)

🔘 Balancing Facial Toner: Refreshingly cool mist moistens, soothes, and preps skin to absorb the serum(s), moisturizer and gel in your regimen. ($15.95)

🔘 Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum: Soothing and hydrating serum offers whole-day moisture and boosts the skin care ritual that follows. ($14.95)

🔘 Retinol 2.5% Serum: Steps in to minimize and repair the damage caused by aging and environmental assault. Retinols attach themselves to skin cells and instructs them to behave like a younger, healthy skin cell! ($19.95)

🔘 Day and Night Cream: Powerhouse cream optimizes hydration and in turn, exhibits a skin-smoothing, firming, and plumping effect. ($19.95)

With my first PR package, I received the cleanser, toner and moisturizer (along with a few other products that didn’t overlap). I loved the toner and moisturizer! The cleanser was nice, but stung my eyes slightly. I can’t wait to try out the serums and hopefully add them to my list of @yeouthskincare loves!

If you are interested in trying any of these products, you can buy them in the exact bundle I received for only $64.89 – that’s less than $13 per product (a retail value of $89.75)! Click here to shop:

What product do you want to see a full review on first?


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