Friday Favorites – @bodycandy Body Jewelry

I went almost 33 years of my life with only double lobe and belly button piercings and no tattoos. Since turning 33 this past December, I have gotten two (2) tattoos and three (3) additional piercings (daith, tragus and helix)! Part of the reason I have fallen hard for unique ear piercings was because of the beautiful jewelry that is available for them (search #curatedear on Instagram for inspiration) and my favorite place to buy body jewelry for a ridiculously good price is @bodycandy!

I have already replaced my daith piercing with an earring from @bodycandy (photo 4) and absolutely love the look of it! My tragus and helix piercings haven’t completely healed yet (photo 5), but I am already starting to plan what I will change them out to (although I do love the look of the studs!). Let me know if you see one that you would love to see on my ear and I’ll make sure I do that as soon as I am able to!

How many piercings and tattoos do you have? After telling people about my first tattoo, I was shocked by how many people had tattoos that I had no idea about!


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