Friday Favorite: Brow Wax with @nikirobisonbrows

Yes, I purposely let my eyebrows get a little (or maybe a lot…) out of control in order to get a more dramatic before and after photo. For the last couple of weeks, I had been regretting that decision, but now seeing that my planned worked, I’m so happy I did so!

Over the last several years, @nikirobisonbrows has been on a mission to take my over tweezed eyebrows from barely there (photo 4) to the perfectly proportioned frame for my face. Thankfully, she has been incredibly successful in achieving that tall order and I can say, with absolute certainty, that any good brow day I have now is thanks entirely to her!

If you live in or ever visit the Minneapolis, MN area, I highly recommend you make an appointment to see her!

🔘 Instagram: @nikirobisonbrows

🔘 Website:

🔘 Salon name: Niki Robison Brow & Skin Studio

Who is your favorite esthetician? Give them a shoutout below!


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