What’s in the Gift Basket Wednesday – @mnbrandsforgood

When my niece came home with another fundraiser packet, I won’t lie, I was excited! Why? I love fundraisers. Always have. I’m guessing that’s my competitive nature rearing it’s ugly head. However, my excitement quickly elevated when I saw that it wasn’t the traditional wrapping paper, chocolate bar, cookie dough-laden catalog. Who did I have to thank for coming up with this incredible idea?! @mnbrandsforgood! They’re a locally-owned (Minnesota) company that helps student groups maximize their fundraising efforts with the best-selling Minnesota made products. They partner with schools, sports teams, art and activity clubs and other student groups to raise funds and reach goals!

This season, they have partnered with:

🔘 @hippop_popcorn

🔘 @mademoisellemiel

🔘 @barehoneymn

🔘 @triple_crown_bbq_sauce

🔘 @junitasjar

🔘 @kindlips

🔘 @lollidale

🔘 @essenceonelife

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be giving a couple of these items away and delving more into what each brand offers, so stay tuned!

What item(s) looks the most appealing to you? I can’t wait to try out the Honey Hot-Cocoa Bomb!


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