Super Saturday – Twin Cities Auto Show

Thank you to the @tcautoshow for inviting me to post about my experience at your annual event! @silsetham and I attend every year and have such a great time. This year was no different! I posted on my Story several more photos, but here are my favorites!


🔘 Me in a @jeep – duh! They have such an excellent display!

🔘 The @landrover @landroverusa Range Rover Evoque is a dream vehicle of mine!

🔘 I almost purchased a @buickusa Enclave a few years back – they’re so nice!

🔘 The color of this @hyundaiusa caught my eye, but the vehicle itself kept my attention! I’m seriously considering it for my next vehicle!

🔘 The brand new @gmc tailgate was so cool to see in person! Plus, this one had a built-in speaker!

🔘 The reason we came. Alex’s dream vehicle that we hope to own soon. The @ford Raptor didn’t disappoint!

🔘 I was highly impressed by the @toyota 4Runner! The black on black was so sleek looking!

🔘 The other reason we came. The @jeep Gladiator is such an awesome looking vehicle!

🔘 If I get another Rubicon, the color Mojito may be what I get!

🔘 Make sure, if you’re in the area, you stop by the Twin Cities Auto Show! It’s family-friendly and is entertaining for everyone!

We ended our night at @osakabloomington to celebrate my sister’s, @kolson20, birthday! I hope you all had as good of a Saturday as we did!


2 thoughts on “Super Saturday – Twin Cities Auto Show

  1. Amazing post, I love all the cars but especially the Jeep, it looks so amazing and I bet it must have been so fun to go to that auto show.


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